To unique facilities of great importance in the marine energy fields, located in the three regions:

June 23, 2021

BiMEP (Biscay Marine Energy Platform) is a test site for ocean energy device and offshore auxiliary equipment prototypes. It is off the coast at Armintza. Operational since June 2015, this important and unique infrastructure in Europe provides technology developers with a site with appropriate wind and wave resources to test the economic and technical feasibility of different concept designs, offering security prior to progressing to the large-scale commercial phase.

June 25, 2021

Is a joint research center that carries out research, knowledge transfer and training of specialists in the fields of fresh and saltwater. This work has allowed IH Cantabria to be at the forefront of national and international organizations working in the water cycle in its various facets. At IH Cantabria there are over 140 researchers and the center has over thirty years of experience.


The Ente Vasco de la Energía (EVE), the Basque Government’s energy agency, officially brought the Mutriku wave energy plant in the Basque Country (Spain) into service in July 2011. The plant would generate 300 kW power to supply 250 households. €6.4 million were invested in the facility. It received funding under the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission. The global potential of ocean wave energy is estimated to be 1.8 TW, but most of it is not being exploited. It is hoped that the Mutriku plant will give impetus to similar developments around the world to harness the energy.

Vicinay Sestao provides solutions for mooring floating facilities offshore. It designs, manufactures and delivers products and services with a high added value, adapted to the customer’s needs and aimed at offshore exploitation and related production industry. Vicinay Sestao belongs to Vicinay Marine, the leading producer of mooring lines worldwide, which has been providing solutions to meet each customer’s needs down through its more than 200 years of work and effort. It has become the world leader in the supply of chains and mooring systems for the offshore industry.

The Seeneoh test site was built in Bordeaux in 2016 to test ocean and river tidal turbine prototypes in the estuary before their development and commercial deployment internationally. Seeneoh is now a Franco-British project financed by the European Union (Tidal stream industry energiser, TIGER) to develop hydro-wind energy.

La Rochelle seeks to be the first coastal urban territory to be carbon neutral by 2040. Winner of the call for innovation territory projects, “La Rochelle Territorie Zéro Carbone” aims, among other things, to accelerate development of mobility, foster energy efficiency upgrades of residential and commercial buildings, and drive the development of self-consumption and renewable energies. The La Rochelle structuring projects includes an offshore wind project off the coast of Oléron. It is against this backdrop that the Port of La Rochelle aims to become a preferred reception platform for handling and/or building foundations for offshore wind turbines.

NAITEC has facilities for end component checks. Mechanical fatigue and rupture tests are used to determine the lifespan of the component to be subject to precise performance specifications. LUREDERRA, a technology centre working on technological research and development applied to the fields of nanotechnology, new materials and the environment, would demonstrate the anti-corrosion and anti-fouling effects by means of metal workpiece samples prepared beforehand and undergoing aggressive conditions such as the salt spray chamber.

CENER (National Renewable Energy Centre), as the leading national centre in this field, has several facilities of interest for a technical visit. As far as possible, the visit will be to flagship facilities such as the Sangüesa Wind Turbine Test Laboratory or the headquarters in Sarriguren. The session will be an opportunity for a presentation on CENER activities, particularly regarding the most innovative developments underway.