Institut National de Recherche en Sciences et Technologies du Numérique INRIA (Grupo CARDAMOM)

The institute aims to provide a robust model development methodology, along with a quantitative approach to model certification, which allows the soundness of each of its components (equations, numerical methods, etc.) to be assessed.

It works on wave and structure interaction and collaborates with the Claess Eskilsson group at RISE (Sweden) to model mooring lines.

It is developing a unified set of tools for the engineering analysis of complex flows involving moving fronts. Examples of such flows can be found in free surface hydrodynamics (coastal hydrodynamics, floods, etc.).

The key results include the adaptative immersed boundary method for fluid body interaction and unstructured grid modelling of coastal hazards and urban floods.


Higher research centre

Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest research center, 200 av. de la vieille Tour, 33405 Talence cedex


Mario Ricchiuto

CARDAMOM Team Director