Bordeaux Mathematical Institute (EDP Group)

Great experience in wave modelling and simulation in coastal areas.

Extension of this research field to wave-structure interactions and more specifically to RME:

  • Computational, modelling and theoretical aspects with input from several teams: PDE and mathematical physics (theory, modelling), Analysis (control theory).
  • Participation in several RME international networks, including Oceanera-net Midwest, ITN Conflex, etc.
  • Sysnum Cluster of Excellence support
  • Contacts with local industries at the RME campus (Seaturns, Hydrotube)

Research axis for the Crossborder Cooperation Laboratory –  LTC Transmath (Bordeaux University, Bordeaux INP, CNRS and UPV/EHU, BCAM, Tecnalia) and organising conferences.


Higher research centre

351, Cours de la Liberation – F 33405 Talence


David Lannes

Director of the EDP and Mathematical Physics team and co-director of the TRANSMATH Laboratory