Euroregional project in renewable marine energies

The RENOVABLES project seeks to foster strategic cooperation between the Euroregion’s socio-economic stakeholders to drive the blue economy around the Bay of Biscay. This will be achieved by focusing on offshore renewable energies, whose promising development in the “blue economy” is a strategic focal point and also given its important value chain in the case of the Basque Country.

The aim is to promote synergies, based on a high-level training cross-border network and whose existence is justified by its energy potential. Its goal will be to become a leading driver hub within the marine sector in the Euroregion, in the context of a climate neutral Europe.

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June 2021
Jun 10
10 June 2021
Approaches and technologies related to managing generation assets. IOT, Edge Computing and Digital Twin

Speaker: Enrique Diaz Plaza. Business Development Executive – Expert in Advanced Asset Management, IBM     The session will consider asset management fundamentals and approach, which apply to both industrial…

Jun 15
15 June 2021
Protecting offshore wind turbine platforms from corrosion

Boosting research as the cornerstone in new developments of nanotechnology solutions and materials applied to corrosion protection, also including anti-fouling properties for offshore concrete and metal structures.