Aiming to coordinate the project, a joint Commission has been established, made up of a representative from each of the areas of the Euroregion.

On behalf of Euskadi, the Professor of the University of the Basque Country Dr. Jesús Mª Blanco, who is in turn the general coordinator of the project. On the part of Navarra, the professor of the Public University of Navarra Dr. Carlos del Río, Director of the Smart Cities Institute and on the part of Nueva Aquitania, the professor of the University of Bordeaux Dr. Hubert Delzangles, Director of the Territorial Energy Transitions Chair.

Jesús Mª Blanco

Coordinator of the RENOVABLES Project

Director of the EMJMD REM and REM+ 

UPV/EHU-Tecnalia Researcher

Carlos del Río

Director of the ISC (Instituto de Smart Cities)

Director of the TECOMBER Doctorate program (Doctorate in Communications Technologies, Bioengineering and Renewable Energies)

Hubert Delzangles

Directeur de la cátedra «Transitions énergétiques territoriales»