RENOVABLES is striving to strengthen the territorial cohesion of the Euroregion, based on the marine renewable energies where the partners of the three regions play complementary roles to increase mutual knowledge and communication between partners in order to make them more competitive and open up new markets.

As regards R&D&i, crossborder cooperation in marine renewable energies is fostered in order to increase the research staff critical mass in order to be able to jointly take part in European project calls.

As far as social aspects are concerned, employment within the Euroregion underscores the high demand for offshore professionals in many fields, from managing wind farms, equipment manufacturers, conversion technology, control and international economic development within the offshore value chain.

As regards education, our goal is for students and academic staff from the three regions to benefit from the programmes of the three universities. Specifically, the UPV/EHU and Euskampus are part of the ENGLIGHT/European University Network, along with Bordeaux University and six more. This means the crossborder university and mobility area are a reality. Impetus is therefore going to be given to a European Common Core Curriculum and specialisation with respect to the global/citizen challenges and territorial cohesion.

Increased crossborder relations by means of the International Master’s Degree in Marine Renewable Energies (REM) and the Master’s Degrees in Governance of the Ecological Transition (GTE) and Expert in Public Affairs/Public Commercial Law (EAP/DPA). Relations will also be consolidated with TRANSMATH, the crossborder laboratory and, finally, as regards vocational training, we will organise actions aimed at developing sound and sustainable cooperation with centres such as TKNIKA in the Basque Country, as was presented at the CPMR. Crossborder events such as EUSKAMPUS Bordeaux eguna or crossborder congresses such as UHINAK will be used to disseminate the project.

The project will likewise seek to support strategic unique facilities in the field of renewable marine energies within the Euroregion, such as BIMEP and MUTRIKU in the Basque Country, SEENEOH in Aquitaine or CENER itself in Navarra.

As regards economic development, there will an emphasis on cooperation between the Chambers of Commerce of the three regions (BIHARTEAN), the administration (SPRI in the Basque Country, Euroregion in Aquitaine and Sodena in Navarra), technological partnerships  (Innovalis in Aquitaine, Tecnalia in the Basque Country and ADItech in Navarra) and strategic clusters (Energy clusters in the Basque Country, Ener-cluster in Navarra and SYSNUM Cluster in Aquitaine), which will also involve the transfer services of the three partner universities (OTRI in the Basque Country and  Navarra and SATT in Aquitaine).

RENOVABLES seeks to promote the creation of local incubators able to support an economy emerging from blue growth in the Euroregion.

Finally, the use of the official languages of the Euroregion will thus be fostered and its multicultural diversity will be promoted as a highly important social added value in cultural development.